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Please find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from our clients below, which we trust you may find useful.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can this service help increase my business?
    According to Google, an overwhelming 91% of users take notice of auto-complete, with 71% actively using the auto-complete feature. Seeing your company recommended in auto-complete boosts user confidence in your brand and ensures that every organic listing prominently features your business over competitors. Our clients have reported a significant increase in business as a result.
  • In addition to the autocomplete, are there any other benefits of Autocomplete-Optimization for my business online?
    Yes, Autocomplete-Optimization does more than just getting your business to appear in the autocomplete. It can also boost your online presence and authority for each search engine, allowing your business to show up in every organic listing on the first page of Google and Bing. With Autocomplete-Optimization, you can expect consistent results. To learn more, check out the video on our Home Page and our Advantages page, or get in touch with us today!
  • Can Autocomplete-Optimization generate strong leads for my business?
    Certainly! Typically most users rely on popular search engines like Google and Bing because they are in need of a particular service or product. By initiating their search, they are considered prospects. As they click through listings that contain information about your business, they become a step closer to becoming a qualified lead. We generate leads from Yelp, Better Business Bureau, YouTube, blogs, press releases, and aggregate sites such as, DexKnows, and Merchant Circle. By utilizing Autocomplete-Optimization, (which ensures that all of the mentioned content appears on the first page of Google and bing), potential customers will easily come across your website as well.
  • When can I expect to see my company appear in Google and Bing’s Auto-complete?
    Establishing authority for your chosen keyword phrase is crucial for getting you into the auto-complete feature. The time it takes can vary depending on the keyword phrase's competitiveness, but you can expect to see it appearing on Bing first within 30-40 days, and on Google after 90+ days.
  • Does SBO Elite track results?
    While we cannot track your phone calls nor in-person visits, we can and do track the increased traffic to your website. SBO Elite will regularly provide reports to demonstrate the additional traffic we bring to your business, regardless of its source. Our Autocomplete-Optimization product is a leader in online search technology and will give your business the edge it deserves.
  • Is the SEO I have currently the same as Autocomplete-optimization?
    Autocomplete-Optimization can provide your business with a lot more. It offers greater online presence and exposure, more positions on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, more click-throughs to your website, and ultimately, which in turn will lead to more revenue. In short, the choice is simple - do you want one appearance on the first page of a search engine, or ten? Autocomplete-Optimization can provide ten times the value.
  • Do you also carry out SEO for us?
    Indeed. To help your keywords appear as a suggestion in the auto-complete box, we must establish credibility and authority. We use various strategies such as producing YouTube videos, blog posts and/or press releases, and sharing content through directories and social media platforms to help increase your visibility and build authority. Doing so not only significantly enhances your organic rankings but it also gets Google and Bing to add your business as a suggested entity in the auto-complete.
  • The results are insane. Are you using any gray or black hat methods to achieve these results?
    We don't. Google examines current trends to influence the autocomplete. As a result, our process works through social influence to establish website authority and social awareness while adhering to Google's algorithm standards for autocomplete suggestions. We perform specific social media trending work to encourage Google to recommend the company in autocomplete. While we do some things similar to SEO, our approach is specifically tailored to influence the indicators that Google looks at to determine what to suggest in the auto-suggest, which primarily involves social trending.
  • Is the keyword phrase exclusive to me or is it sold to my competitors as well?
    As soon as a keyword phrase is sold, it is immediately unavailable. To check if the keyword phrase you desire is still available, go to Google or Bing and type in the keyword phrase. If the suggestion box shows any company name following the keyword phrase, then the keyword phrase has already been taken. If the suggestion box doesn't show any company name, then the keyword phrase is likely still available. Occasionally, the keyword phrase may have already been purchased but not yet appearing in the auto-complete. To start your business evolution, get in touch with us today.
  • Can I expect any extra fees?
    Our Autocomplete-Optimization program comes with no extra fees except for the monthly charges that are outlined when you place your order.
  • What is a local keyword phrase?
    We offer local and national keyword phrases for businesses. A keyword phrase that includes a location designation is considered a local keyword phrase. For example, "garage door repair Los Angeles" would be a local keyword phrase, while "garage door repair" would be a national keyword phrase. National keyword phrases can help franchise businesses reach customers across the country. However, local keyword phrases drive customers to the local business and are great for targeting specific areas.
  • How much does a national keyword phrase cost?
    National keyword phrases receive a high volume of searches each month, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands. For example, a national mortgage bank might want to acquire "home loans" and other similar searches to receive inquiries from every state and service their customers. The cost of a keyword phrase depends on its competitiveness, and we determine the price of national keyword phrases based on various factors. Therefore, the price for each national keyword phrase is determined individually.

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